The Girl Behind The Decks: DJ Sarah Harrison

2014-09-17 18.21.36

Smashing the stereotype that ‘girls just can’t D.J’ ,Maltese-born DJ Sarah Harrison has been making some serious moves in the music industry for a long time now; solidifying her place both behind the decks and on the radio mic as host of a weekly show on The Beat LDN 103.6 FM.

Often going by her alias LadyInTheTrap, Sarah has earned the respect of British and American stars alike; having toured with acts like So Solid Crew and Misha B, and supporting American heavyweights such as The Game and Ciara.

So, we managed to catch up with her before her much anticipated Wireless DJ set coming up this weekend, to talk women in the industry and why she’s different from the rest…

Debut: You’ve DJ’d at many great events here in the UK and stateside. What’s excites you the most about Wireless Festival? 

Sarah: Wireless is a globally recognised platform and one of the most anticipated annual events, bringing together the ‘creme de la creme’ in Hip-Hop, R&B and beyond. The crowd size is considerably larger and outdoor vibes are always lively. Let’s just hope the weather shows out!

Debut: Can you name a few tracks we can expect to hear you play on the day?

Sarah: That’s definitely going to remain unrevealed. DJ sets are all about surprises! But what I can say is, prepared to hear new sounds.

Debut: There are a few female DJs at Wireless this year. With that said, do you think the industry is becoming more welcoming to female DJs? 

Sarah: To be totally honest, I’m not a supporter of emphasising genders in any line of work – especially in the creative industry. Music is universal and both men and women are equally able to perform at a high level.


Debut: Considering this, what makes your set different from the rest?

Sarah: I’m not afraid to play super new music that’s more underground than the crowd might be in tune with. My sets are 808 heavy and it’s all about sustaining the bounce throughout. I’m a Trap fiend, so my sets will give you a sense of (harmless) attitude!

Debut: Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform?

Sarah: Young Thug! I can’t believe I’ve never seen him in concert. I just know I’m gonna go mad when his tunes drop! Action Bronson is bound to be entertaining as well.

Debut: What’s your ultimate summer anthem this year? 

Sarah: I’m loving the Travis Scott x Young Thug x Quavo ‘Pick Up The Phone‘ song. Again the bounce is what makes it sick, and it’s musically well constructed as well. Travis shows off his vocals on this one and Young Thug complements him.

Sarah will be playing her official Wireless Set this Sunday 10th July on the V.I.P stage from 6.30pm – 7.25pm.

You can listen to Sarah’s Wireless preview mix here:

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