Work Your Wanderlust Paris: Summertime in The City Of Romance

Our Parisian blogger Batty talks us through her favourite things to do during the summer in the French capital. It might just be time to book your flight there it seems! 


Summer is here and it’s honestly the best time of the year for all of us for so many reasons. I wanted to share with you what i love to do in Paris, because there are so many interesting things you have probably never heard of.
To be honest, i’ve been living here since forever, so i get bored easily but that trait is the reason why i’m always trying to entertain myself with new experiences. There is no beach and sand, but believe me you can have the best time ever as a lot happens when summer arrives in the capital; it’s an explosion of event!
First of all I always enjoy doing a picnic with my friend at the bottom of the Tour Eiffel. It’s pretty simple, just grab a bottle of wine and some macaroons and settle down on the grass.  The perfect timing? At night when the Tower Eiffel sparkles. Another activity i love to do with friends or even alone, is sitting on the quayside.  It’s the French version of seeing the sunset on a beach.
If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of secret activities you can try too. One of them is going  on night excursions on the rooftop of Paris. You will be able to discover Paris with the best view ever.
When it comes to partying, clubbing in France will always be fun and there are multiples of amazing clubs in Paris. But if you are craving something different , then you have to hear about Parisian secret parties! You don’t know the address, you don’t know who’s going to be there, you know absolutely nothing. Two hours before it start you’ll be texted where the party is and surprise, it can be in very unusual places most of the time. It’s thrilling!
Paris is mysterious, it’s a city with many secrets which I didn’t discover before now; that is why I can always be entertained by something the city has to offer.
To find out more about what to get up to during your time in France, whether it is activities, secret parties, my favorite spots, ask me on my Instagram @BattyEnchantey, I will be happy to share.

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