The Trainer Trend? Why I’m Sticking To My Heels


Forget your Jimmy Choos and your Christian Louboutins, the shoe that is everywhere at the moment is the trainer. The fact that this style, previously banished to the gym, has over the past year or so taken off in the fashion world is probably not news to anyone with half an eye on the catwalk or even just on the streets around them. In fact, you’re certainly not unlikely to see them in the office now, once the realm of the simple court shoe.

But whilst I love this new flexibility in fashion and couldn’t help but lust over some of the styles I saw at London Fashion Week, I have to say it’s not a trend I’ll be buying into in terms of office dressing.

I like to be pretty formal when at work, preferring to wear an assortment of black skirts and shirts or day dresses with tights even when the dress code is officially casual. This has meant I’ve been sat at work surrounded by reporters in jeans and hoodies and even in the fashion field been on the edge of ‘overdressed’, but, most importantly, I’ve felt confident and comfortable. This extends all the way down to my heels, which I see as an essential part of my outfit.

I’m not suggesting I wear skyscraper heels or Jimmy Choos everyday for that matter- I wish- but I’ll rarely be found in a shoe without a raised platform or heel. In the past, I prescribed to the ballerina slipper trend, wearing them to school, work and everywhere in between as a matter of course. This was mainly because everyone else was wearing them and as a result of nightmarish memories of big, ugly, leather black ‘sensible’ shoes my parents forced me to wear at primary school.

It was only recently, looking back, that I realised that the style didn’t really suit me. As a passionate runner, I’d never stopped to notice that flat shoes tend to emphasis the muscles in my lower legs, making them appear bigger than they actually are. Although I’m the sort of person to look at a dress or pair of trousers from all available angles and I’m more than likely to ask a friend for a second opinion, it only occurred to me then that I never did this with my shoes in the same way. Instead, I was far more likely just to follow what seemed fashionable at the time, valuing individuality much less when it came to my feet than the rest of my outfit.  

I’m not about to launch a written tirade against the trainer trend, as I’ve said, I’ve jealously watched others rock the style, but I would campaign for all those wearing or wanting to wear trainers to work to take a few moments to think; Do I feel too underdressed? Are these shoes flattering? Am I wearing these because I like them or because everyone else is? If you are happy with your answers to these questions then great, go spoil yourself in Nike and build a kick-ass outfit around them, but if not, don’t forget it’s alright to rock the shoes you love instead.

So, whilst many individuals may be thanking their lucky stars for their office’s more relaxed dress code, which allows them to follow this latest trend and express themselves,  I’d be continuing to wear my favourite black heeled boots… Until a new and more personally flattering shoe trend comes along at least!

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Written by: Becki Murray

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