10 Reasons We’re Proud To Be Women

Whether you were a staunch Spice Girls fan growing up, or became a secret one after their much-hyped 2007 reunion, you simply cannot deny they cultural impact they had on many girls (and boys) and their self-esteem the world over!

spice girls

  1. we can give birth, laugh, cry, wear lipstick, skirts & high heels all whilst keeping together #family & #working 🙂 @mitksolihull
  2. because we are breaking glass ceilings left, right and centre. It is a very exciting time to be a woman!
  3. @DebutMagUK the best thing about being a woman is the relationship it gives me with other women. Strong, funny, caring clever angels.
  4. TeleMark ‏@telemark10  @DebutMagUK Seeing your daughters grow up and achieve major things in their own lives.
  5. @DebutMagUK Vulnerability and femininity combined with strength and courage Iris Cohen‏@notetoiris
  6. shared interests, understanding, unshakeable support
  7. Cllr Freya Sykes ‏@FreyaSykes  5m5 minutes agoBridgend, Wales@DebutMagUK I’m proud to be a woman in business & politics who’s cutting a swathe in both! #leadership #ExampleForFutureGenerations
  8. Changing my appearance whether it be with clothes, hair (changing length with extensions wigs or colour) and makeup,
  9. Scarlet. ‏@scarletbanduk I love being a small petite woman because when I get on stage and kick ass, the reaction from the crowd is amazing!
  10. Clare Groombridge ‏@MrsGroombridge  23m23 minutes ago the fact (I believe) we truly can have it all!

We want to add to these because 10 simply isn’t enough! If you’d like to feature in our July issue simply tell us why you love being a  woman! @debutmagUK



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