Work Your Wanderlust Melbourne: Peace, Body & Soul…

Whilst working hard to chase your dreams, it’s really important to make some time to relax and recuperate. Our Melbourne blogger Miki Phillips has done just that, attending a spa that she dubs one of her Australian hot spots. She explains all in her latest update from ‘Down Under’.

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Hey Lovelies!

This week I was lucky enough to have a relaxing day off and spend a little time at the spa! I believe when you are either constantly on the go working, taking care of family members, juggling studies or whatever everyday life hassles, it’s important to take out a little ‘me’ time to renourish, pamper and relax your mind, body and soul.

I did just that this week when I visited Melbourne’s entertainment precinct, Crown Towers! While Crown offers everything you can imagine from casinos, to fine dining, to night clubs and luxury shopping, it also offers a getaway at one of their two in-house spas. Crown Spa has everything on the menu, from relaxing facials and massages to the use of your own private Jacuzzi, steam rooms, vitality pool and even a fully equipped salon for all your beauty needs! Super convenient, quiet and private, making it the ultimate day spa experience to immerse yourself into!

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When you enter the spa youre greeted by a calm and soft ambience that fills the air, effortlessly telling you, you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city behind you and entered tranquility. Soft sofas are arranged so you can rest, sleep or wait for your treatments and you’re also given your own private locker which you can set to any pin for security of your personal items. Lush, big roomy robes and soft slippers wait for you in your locker, ready to slip on!

I personally love the vitality pool. One of my favourite parts of the spa, which is dimly lit for a relaxed tone. You can choose to have the jets and streaming water fountain on or off. You can chat to any friends that come with – girls weekend! Who’s in? – or take in the time on your own, your choice.

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I highly recommend a day in the spa and would like to think of it as almost a hidden gem among our beautiful and cultural city of Melbourne. Shhhh! keep it between us Debut readers and who knows, maybe one day we’ll even spot Mariah Carey in there, seeing as her beau James Packer is the owner of the entire Crown Resorts that encompasses Crown Casino, Crown Towers and Crown Metropol in Melbourne.

It’s been a pleasure to share with you, one of my top spots in Melbourne and stay tuned for more as you explore what my city has to offer… through my adventures!


If you can’t wait to see what else our Aussie Blog babe gets up to, you can follow her journey on social media below..

Instagram: @miki_phillips

Twitter: @miki_phillips

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