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Are You Really Achieving A Work/Life Balance?

When working away at your career it can be difficult to fit in everything else including seeing friends and family, keeping fit and healthy as well as keeping up other interests. Vicky Jones spoke to Victoria Olubi, 28, a business owner and author from London gives us an insight into how she balances a busy life and healthy living.

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 Tell us about your ‘normal’ day.

It normally starts with answering calls and emails from prospective clients, planning lessons, teaching students and managing relationships with my tutors. Because work can be quite hectic and involves a lot of sitting down, I try to walk 10,000 steps a day and stay as active as possible.
How do you plan your day?

I am obsessed with notepads and so I usually carry at least one with me so that I can plan my day on the go if I need to. I also have Google Calendar which has reminders on virtually everything I need to do each day. Sometimes it’s easy to forget things or keep a track of all of the many different tasks I have to do so note keeping is a really important part of my day.
Do you manage to fit in being healthy, getting regular exercise?

Definitely. I’ve become increasingly more aware of how important keeping fit is and I’ve made a conscious effort to be healthier. A few years ago I was almost two stones heavier and although my businesses were doing well, I made no time for myself. As a result I realised that I had centred my whole life around work rather than prioritising the most important thing- my health. Since then, I’ve made gradual changes that have made me look and feel better. I walk at least 10k steps most days of the week and I’ve recently started clean eating. I believe that it is possible to be healthy and happy by making baby steps every single day towards your goal and making time for yourself. Those are two things that I now strive to do every day.
What difficulties do you face on a daily basis and how do you overcome them?

One of the biggest is finding the time to work out. I struggled with this for a while but I realised that I can actually fit small things like walking in between meetings and work-related activities. For instance, I get off a stop earlier when I’m on the bus. I leave home earlier than needed so that I can around the area that I’m in. I’ve noticed that doing these types of things has made it a lot easier for me to get 10,000 steps in each day.

My biggest difficulty has been my diet because I am a foodie by nature. I used to kill myself at the gym so that I could justify eating bad foods but I’ve come to realise that the gym can only do so much and that eating bad has no positive impact on your health. I’ve now adopted cleaner eating and eat a lot less processed foods. Furthermore, I just booked myself onto a nutrition course so that I can learn more about healthy eating and stick with it for life.

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Words by: Vicky Jones

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