How Losing 4 Stone Changed My Life…

Katie Groome from Northampton tells Vicky Jones how she has managed to get the balance right in her life after a rollercoaster of events to losing four stone and being happier than ever.

My school years were tricky and lonely, I was shy and found fitting in with my peer’s difficult. I would often sit at the back of the class hoping not to be noticed by my teacher or class mates, wearing glasses, being overweight and taller than the other girls only encouraged the inevitable bulling.

I started running, lifting weights and spending time creating healthy recipes. I                half-heartedly kept a blog as my hobby but over the years I’ve found more satisfaction in balancing my work life whilst evolving my recent love of social media and sharing my stories.  

What do you do now?

I’m a full time Insurance Broker, our team run the biggest Tattoo Insurance Scheme in the UK and a part time healthy lifestyle blogger.
What difficulties do you face in your career and how do you overcome them?

In relation to Insurance, no two months are the same and our tactics are constantly involving to ensure that we are providing the best possible customer service in terms of product and price. Following a tough month it can be difficult to stay motivated and continue to motivate the people I work with, I find setting myself daily targets really helps.

With social media and blogging; my main issue is ensuring I keep a consistent flow of engaging content and spend enough time communicating with other bloggers and readers. I find that scheduling posts makes a huge difference. I also aim to set aside 20 minutes first thing in the morning, 10-15 minutes at lunch and 30-60+ minutes in the evening depending on my plans.

Do you think you manage to have a healthy lifestyle and career?

I’m proud to say I do! However, it’s certainly taken some time to find the perfect balance. I do strongly feel that having a healthy and positive mind-set really helps in business and personal life.

Balancing the two started by learning to put myself first more often, too many of us feel guilty about leaving the office on time to head to a fitness class, or to head home to be with friends and family, when we shouldn’t. I make a weekly schedule of workouts, social and rest accordingly to how busy during my working week and normally I can fit everything in, without trying to be superwoman.
What tips/advice could you give other women seeking to achieve this balance?

As above I firmly believe that making a weekly and daily plan really helps with productivity with all aspects of everyday life. Even if you have just a rough guide of what you’d like to achieve ticking off those goals should make you feel accomplished and content.

I’m also a huge fan of food preparation, a few hours spent in the kitchen on Sunday will make a huge difference to mornings and evenings, save on food waste and keep you on track with a healthy balance. 

Written by: Vicky Jones

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