The Blogging Diaries: Accounting And Fashion

 Gayle Cortez, is a second year accounting and finance university student who has recently started her own fashion blog. She loves including aspects of her course into her posts, merging the corporate and creative spheres as she strives to make her debut. She speaks to us about breaking down preconceptions and following her dreams. 
Debut: Considering you’re an accounting student, what’s the reason behind a fashion blog? Why not an accounting/finance related one instead?
From a young age, I’ve always been into academics, but I always found fashion as a motivating element in everything as I am more driven to do my daily activities whenever I’m dressed in something that reflects myself that day and most importanly something I feel good in and I wanted to share this. Plus, I don’t think I can stay sane doing accounting 24/7.
I believe that no matter what line of work you are involved in, whether it be corporate or not and no matter how limited your time is, you shouldn’t dismiss activities which you find enjoyable, relaxing and/or fun. This is why I chose to pursue fashion blogging.
 You mentioned confidence issues? How do you feel your blogging has helped your confidence?
Though I am only new to blogging, I’ve noticed a great boost of confidence in myself. I have received so much great feedback and met some incredible people with the same interest. The greatest confidence booster for me is receiving messages telling me that they’ve read my posts and seeking some style or beauty advice. It’s such an amazing feeling to know someone sees me as an influence.
What is the main purpose for your blog and how do you plan to achieve it? 
The purpose for my blog is to share my style journey with my viewers, entertain them with my content and most importantly inspire them to try something which maybe be a little out of their comfort zone by giving them a front row view of some personal experiences I have faced with confidence issues and how I am using something that I love to improve and learn more about myself.
What do you think of the word ‘feminism’ would you call yourself a feminists?
Whenever I hear the word feminsm, the words “girl power” always come to mind. I have heard some issues with women being not treated ‘equally’ in certain careers like finance which is something that may affect me in future and that there is a big feminism movement on this, but honestly, I haven’t really looked deeply into the subject to strongly say if I am for or against it. But I am totally for GIRL POWER!
What struggles have you faced with your blog so far?
My biggest struggle on my blog so far is trying to execute so many ideas into posts and finding the time to release them (with it being exam season atm! :() Although I cannot do shoots this month, I have been planning and organising some great projects for Summer!
Do you think you will pursue a career in Accounting and Finance after university? 
Yes, it is my ultimate goal to work in the industry and at the same time run my blog of course!
What attracts you to fashion and fashion blogging?
In my opinion, fashion is a way of introducing yourself and getting your personality across without speaking and I love how diverse styles are! It’s just fascinating. Fashion blogging attracts me because of the freedom you have with everything, from what you wear, what you choose to post and when.
It must be quite time consuming to blog and study at the same time? Tell us a bit about your work ethics?
Whenever I am out and I feel that my outfit is “on point”, I will make sure I have a camera with me and editing and typing up posts, are not tedious or time consuming for me. I love to plan out attires and write about them so I see it as more of a hobby! I usually do this when I’m taking a break from university work, which I find is the perfect balance!
Cocktails or Coffee?
Nothing beats a good coffee.
What are the main differences between your corporate subject choice and your creative blog choice and what attracts you to both? 
The main difference with Accounting and Fashion is the content. With Accounting, I have to learn certain things and go by the books, whereas with fashion, I have no rules to follow, I can express myself as little or as much as I can and I think that is why I am so passionate about the two as they both balance each other out, showing the two sides of me. Plus, I love how, though very different, Finance and Fashion both helped me improve my work ethics and approaches towards them.
Do you, like Gayle have a blog that combines the creative and corporate spheres? Tweet us your links and we could feature you next.

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