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Cover Letter Confused? Read The Cover Letter That Will Get You Noticed!

The dreaded cover letter. It’s safe to say that one of the least desirable aspects of applying for a job, is having to put together roughly 200 words explaining just why you are the best fit for the role you so desperately want. So, when we received this cover letter in our inbox not too long ago we have to admit it was the most original, quirky, unapologetically honest and hilarious email we have ever received. It showed us she genuinely understood what Debut is about and she knows exactly how to stand out from the crowd.

Composed by our new guest writer, Debut Debs, we (of course with her full permission) decided to publish an excerpt from her efforts, showing that it really is all about putting yourself out there that will really set you apart from the rest.

Dear Debut Magazine,

I’ve had a brainstorm about some ideas of where I could fit in the magazine  and I thought I would plunge in and give you some of my initial thoughts.

I would state that you attract a younger readership than myself. But the slightly older, mature woman (did I just say mature…) has more expendable income and a stronger voice. We are somewhat overlooked in the fashion, creative world…. THAT’s what drew me to you…

I think I would be good in terms of being a slightly older voice of the magazine. Older, wiser but absolutely NOT stuffy and middle aged. Quite the opposite: grabbing life by the curlies and living every second. GOD, Vitoria Wood is less than 20 years older than me so that is how much time I might have left on this planet so I HAVE to be enjoying myself!

I am undeniably not a size zero and I don’t mind following this up with some intimate photos of stretch marks. I believe strongly in connecting with my readers as ME… as a person. I think, for your magazine, that would be my biggest U.S.P. Being body positive is a huge issue and I love Rankin for example but even he, with his enormous brand does not photograph the REAL woman…

I am the exact polar opposite of Katie Hopkins but it is important DEBUT and myself are on the same page so there is the natural trust.

I would say, to start with a few pieces about ME..

As an author

A mum,

Domestic abuse survivor,

Changing careers… being flat on my arse and then rising up from the ashes

An artist

One of my ideas is to have an agony aunt style column. I’ve been through everything: divorce, infidelity, health scares, kids, more kids, different dads, big careers, domestic abuse – you name it. With bells on… Plus, because my children are also different ages and I was a teacher for so long I wouldn’t “dumb down” the younger reader. I am quite blunt in my approach but very caring underneath… empathy is one of my biggest characteristics.

It would start by requests for advice.

Perhaps …I can speak about homophobia perhaps to start with… my son is gay and was attacked and this led to me writing #JIGSAWS.  The good thing about having written my autobiography is that I am VERY candid. I don’t think anything is taboo to speak about if it helps others.
I feel strongly this shouldn’t just be emotional advice but career advice too.

I’ve also been documenting a weight loss vlog.  Weight is always a HUGE topic. At my top weight I was 13.5 stone… I’m now 12 and want to get to about 10.5 but I ALWAYS looked good.

I think it would be good for Debut to have a strong female who loves herself and has been through the mill. But who also has bonkers stretch marks, cellulite and is far from perfect. I’m also a very unexpected sex object… I know… still surprises me.

As a stand up comic, people could even write in and send me to places where there was guaranteed humour… would be a great column angle. For example, I LOVE rollercoasters but get so scared I wee. Like literally have a wet patch in my pants which would be a very funny link to tena lady ……

I’m getting carried away now, but the possibilities are endless.

I think my main thing would be to write as me, Deborah Hodge or Cecily Baker… have lots of photographs of my antics, serious agony aunt pieces, a column, reviews from a slightly older comedy perspective and to be sent out on hilarious “missions” …. I think a lot of the magazines now lack the “funny” element and I was crying laughing yesterday in the car listening to radio ones library tennis… I would do anything like that…. I would also seriously review artists, writers etc. I really do so many things that I think the reader wouldn’t get bored…. If you start out as being pigeonholed for one thing it is hard to expand but if the reader knows from day one I do everything then it is right..

I would like to write as me, my unique style of writing and my own voice… I can do interviews too … Oh please let me interview Vivienne Westwood at some point… I love her. I just salivated. My experience on television is ideal to get some really detailed and fresh interviews – not just the old trundled out things.. Being an author too, people TELL me things…. like, actual gossip.

I would say you need a slightly older voice as well as you young funky ones… THAT’S missing in the female industry. You need comedy and a personality that your audience will love to read about….

I’m in 100% if you want me… I don’t do half measures. I would like to be a strong female voice who is also a little bit of a role model at times.

Fingers crossed xxxx

Deborah Hodge

Deborah was invited for an interview and is now one of our online guest writers, you’ll read a lot more from Debut Debs soon. Tweet us and let us know your thoughts! @debutmaguk

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