10 Summer Workwear Essentials You Need this Season

Summer seems to make every aspect in life just that little bit nicer. That is, with the exception of work life. Just think of all those sunny days you’ve been stuck in the office in a drab and boring all-black work attire.

We’ve all been there; your social calendar is finally looking up but you really don’t want to go for after-work drinks because there’s only so much your white chiffon shirt can take for the day. We’ll, we’ve compiled the essential summer work wear guide to help you with your daily choices, both now while the sun shines and later when winter skies roll in.

Rather than opting for trends this summer, stick to timeless pieces that you can just layer under as the cold season approaches. T-shirts are a must and will become an ever-dependable addition to your work-wear wardrobe. Go for lighter materials like linen, which will keep you cool and still, won’t be too see-through for work. Choose a short sleeve to keep your outfit professional. Button-down cotton shirts will also have the same effect of comfort in the heat as well as being super-versatile. Sky blue is the colour to wear at the moment and doubles up perfectly for cocktail hour.

Covered under a double-breasted black blazer is the last thing you want while the sun is out, blazers in general are a no-go for the summer season. Take this opportunity to have a bit of fun with your work-wear. A light denim jacket will make the perfect accompaniment to a pair of navy loose-fitted trousers and a white tee.

As tempting as it may be on a hot summers day, try to avoid shorts, they can often look unprofessional and are very difficult to get right. This doesn’t mean you should stick to your double fabric tailored trousers… invest in some lightweight trousers, but opt for darker hues. As well as being the most comfortable thing you’ve worn in the office, they are practical and easy to style with heels as well as flats.

And although chic minimalism is always a great option, don’t be afraid of bold shades or patterns; whether you’re choosing a bright orange cardigan to drape over your monotone ensemble or a tight-fitted patterned knee-length skirt.

Need a bit more inspiration? Scroll through our gallery for our top picks of what every #DebutGirl should be wearing this season…

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