Festival Fashion 2016: Our Top Picks

With Festival Season in full swing some of you may still be uncertain about your outfit choices. Whether you’re headed to Glastonbury, Lovebox or SW4 the same rule applies; you want your fashion choices to be on trend but nothing short of comfy. Remember that countless hours outdoors, although fun, can be pretty exhausting, so you want your outfit to be as accommodating as possible.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite, and on-trend, pieces you should be rocking this season to make your pre-festival experience superbly seamless.

Having seen what everyone was wearing at Coachella gave us all festival-fashion envy, but you really don’t need all the latest designer gear to look the part. Think back to trends from the 80’s for inspo; a pastel coloured sundress teamed with a pair of Stan Smiths signals summer-pretty.


Remember layering is your best friend during festivals and if you’re headed to one of the an event in the UK you might have to face all four seasons in one day – so be prepared. A great tip would be to start with your swimwear; wearing a bikini top rather than a bra is perfect for any surprise heat waves during the day and looks super effortless with anything slightly high-waisted. One-piece swimsuits work just as well and recently it’s a trend that’s proved to have life beyond the beach


Because festivals are all about the pastel hair and this season the crazy coloured eyebrows, lets be realistic – some of us have work to get to the next day. Temporary tattoos are a perfect alternative, and whether you want to place them your arms or face, they are really easy to remove and will look  effortlessly cute with anything you’re wearing.


The last thing you want to do at a festival is carry multiple things around with you. Being totally hands-free is the only way to jump right into the atmosphere and enjoy your time. A backpack will prove key to carrying your essentials in style, and with the trend making its way down the Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 runway, you’ll be blown away with choice of styles on the high-street to pick from.


When it comes to festival fashion there are certain pieces that have managed to withstand time and denim shorts are one of them. Assuming you already have your statement pair in your wardrobe, we’ve given you a selection of tops to team them up with.

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