Work Your Wanderlust: Melbourne

Introducing our newest #mydebut blogger Miki, an Entertainment Host ‘Down Under’ in Melbourne. She’ll inspire you to #workyourwanderlust as she ‘falls in love with herself first and shoes second’.

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“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t have said it any better when she said that on ‘Sex and the City.’ While there are numerous other quotes I love from the series, this is one I think all women can and should identify with. ‘Sex and the City’ paved the way for women to become more daring, sexy, sassy, confident and showed us girls, that we can have both a thriving career and everything else we want out of life too!

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, I’ve been involved in the arts from a young age and had many wonderful opportunities to experience acting and working in theatre, TV and publishing. I also spent my later teen years living in Los Angeles with my mum, gaining more of a hands-on insight into Hollywood and enjoying some traveling as well. While living abroad, I became the youngest person at age 18 to ever be accepted into the world’s largest online network, Afterbuzz TV!

red carpet

My name’s Mikaela Phillips, or as some of my mates call me ‘Miki’ and I’m an Entertainment Host/Reporter and Actress.  So what does an Entertainment host do? Well, you know those people that are on the red carpet and interview your fav celebs? That’s me! While it’s a job I absolutely love and work very hard at, it’s not always as glamorous as some people believe, sorry to burst the bubble! So here you can continue to follow me on my journey. I’ll be writing about my upcoming work and interviews as I balance being a working class girl and I’ll share with you some of the coolest places and favorite spots of my life in Melbourne!

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Join me on #mydebut as I navigate my way through my own Carrie Bradshaw experience, where falling in love with myself comes first and shoes second haha!


Instagram: @miki_phillips

Twitter: @miki_phillips

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