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Work Your Wanderlust: New York City

“There’s an inherent energy in New York city that it’s famous for. It makes you want to get up and do a million things all day and stay up all night.” A quote I stumbled upon and couldn’t agree with more. New York gives you the energy to work a little harder and to create a little more and the courage to dream a little bigger.


Originally from Finland, I did my Bachelor in Sweden, spent a semester in Chile and worked in fashion in Denmark. I arrived in New York last August and was welcomed with warm summer nights, rooftop bars and the feeling of endless opportunities. Needless to say, I instantly felt at home and everything I had seen on TV was now becoming my reality; I was about to stroll around the same streets as Carrie Bradshaw, live in the same neighbourhood as Hannah Horvath and chase my dreams like so many had done before me and would continue to do so after me.

I’m a storyteller. I write scripts, blog posts and other articles. I’m also an avid Instagrammer, a wanderluster, and a helpless foodie. It is, however, a Masters program in Media Management at The New School that brought me to New York City.

“First, get yourself to the right zip code, then the right building, and then the right office” said my Professor during first days of classes. While sitting in the classroom as a newly admitted grad student, it dawned on me that I had made it through the first step of getting to the right zip code. Now it was up to me to get myself to step two and step three.

Here you can follow my journey through the concrete jungle to the right building and eventually to the right office and hear my experiences, thoughts and tips about all things New York along the way. You can consider this your personal guide in navigating the city’s career path, food scene, nightlife and shopping essentials.


Lina Hagström

Instagram: Linamariaisabella

Snapchat: Lina.Hagstrom

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