Work Your Wanderlust: Houston

Here at Debut we understand it takes courage to pack your bags and go in search of a new adventure, so we’ll be bringing you an insight to some of the blogger babes working on their careers across the globe.. Our Houston blogger is Jennifer Barrueta, a mum of two, with a passion for fashion.. 
Blogging about fashion isn’t easy, let alone for working mums. The Fashion industry is so big and has so many extensions that sometimes it is hard to keep up. As a mother of two little dolls, a wife, and working  with as a medical insurance billing specialist  at a cardiologist office, it’s all twice hard. However that hasn’t stopped me from embracing my love for fashion and women’s beauty.
I’m new in the blogging world, however thanks to a group of blogger friends called Fashionistas United I have learned a lot, not only about blogging but also how to do it and enjoy it! Having these girls has given me the push I needed to adventure myself into the fashion and beauty world even more. We are all from all over the world and still manage to help each other in all aspects of blogging and even friendship.
When I started my website my main focus was to help women all around to feel and look good so I started offering my services as a wardrobe stylist, we are talking of about two months ago. I focused on researching fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2016 by watching pictures and videos of NYFW and PFW.
One of the main trends that I saw and is currently everywhere are off the shoulder tops paired with gladiator sandals or laced up heels. Prove of this was the huge and famous Coachella Festival we had here in the US in California. Due to my hectic life I wasn’t able to make it this year plus it is crazy expensive  After some time I realized that going to people’s houses to style them and working on their closet was a lot of work and was going to take me too much time away from my kids, blogging was the perfect idea and it still gives me that opportunity to help women everywhere and is working great.
It’s crazy sometimes. People ask me all the time how you do it?! Again there are days where I just feel like not doing anything, because of how tired I’m but this is my passion so I get up, mostly on Saturday or Sunday nights when my girls are asleep and grab my laptop. I try to go back to the ideas I had through the week. It’s hard to remember so I go to my phone and see the screen shots I took of what I wanted to do at the time.
At times I don’t even feel like I’m multitasking but I am and I’m very proud of it. My weekends are for family time and sometimes some photo shoots mostly done by Husband. Houston, Texas is not that big in fashion as of now but there are some great designers if you look around.
The lifestyle here is very laid back and the main attractions here are restaurants. My favourite place to eat here is called City Centre, lots of restaurants and cafes to eat and enjoy yourself. I really can’t complain our weather may be crazy at times where is cold in the morning and Caribbean hot in the afternoon but that hot weather reminds me of my little island Cuba where I was born and lived until I was 15 years old and it also lets me wear any time of fashion trend there is.
The fashion industry may be huge like I previously said but I’m proud to be part of it. I believe that you don’t blog for yourself if not for the people around you to learn what you know otherwise why even do it. This is not about me showing off what I have. This is to help each other as women and empower one another. Fashion makes me feel and look good, when I get stopped in the street or anywhere and asked about where I got this and that from I know I can help that person feel the same! 
Jennifer x

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