Work Your Wanderlust: Paris

My name is Batty Bathily, I’m a 21 year old French girl who is passionate about fashion, media and music.

Everything I do revolves around fashion, I create dresses, I design, and I also blog at

I aspire to work in the fashion industry and more specifically in the editorial career and entertainment.  Last year I was studying English and German at University, and I decided to stop to only focus on my fashion dreams.

Paris is the city where you can express yourself with no limits, no boundaries, you’re totally free. We call it the city of love, the city of light and the city of fashion for so many reasons that are completely true.

Fashion always had an important place in France and especially in its capital, it’s like the core of the fruit, you will always be inspired here.

When it comes to fashion , there are no rules you can make everything work.                                                                                                                                                                                                             The thing that defines French women is simplicity, the simple the better, it’s about being stylish without even trying .

It’s all about putting together the pieces you want, for example wearing bootcut jeans, with a white shirt and a pair of stilettos will always work .   We Parisians girls care a lot about being trendy, following the latest trends , but some trends never fade, like the perfecto, a pair of derbies ,or high waisted jeans .. Some fashion trends are forever because they define the classic French style.

When it comes to the professional side, I’ve always heard about what it’s like to live the “American dream” but what about the dream in Paris, is it different ? Is it easier or harder?

I think it’s just the same, the environment you’re living in has a big impact on the results you’re trying to achieve.Whether you’re trying to realize your dreams, build something , reach your peaks, living in the right place will totally help .                                                              We all have ups and downs when it comes to our projects , good days and bad days, but when you’re here , it just feel easier.

I don’t know if it’s because of the croissants and macaroons, the craziness of Paris fashion week, or the late night walks when the lights never stop shining and you feel like the city is only yours..

You will love Paris as if it was your first love.

No matter how you feel, no matter how sad, or happy you are Paris will always be your soulmate, it will always fulfil your heart with an amazing feeling .


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