M.I.A To Collaborate With H&M For World Recycling Week

We’ve seen H&M collaborate with many artists, designers and creatives but this upcoming collaboration is sure to be like no other they’ve done before. To raise awareness for World Recycling Week taking place on April 18th to April 24th,H&M initiate a scheme to encourage customers to get involved by recycling their old clothes in exchange for a store voucher. This year the British recording artist M.I.A will participate in hopes of reaching a broader audience. With her cool-girl rep we have no doubt she’ll do just that.

Back in November M.I.A sparked a conversation with her politically charged ‘Borders’ video related to the still-active refugee crisis. The video saw M.I.A standing among what we presume were refugees, as they attempt to climb over barbed fences singing lyrics such as “Borders (What’s up with that?) Politics (What’s up with that?) Police shots (What’s up with that?) Identities (What’s up with that?) Boat people (What’s up with that?)” M.I.A deliberately uses straightforward lyrics whilst all the while looking straight into the camera to not circle around issues she wants to bring to light.

This certainly isn’t the first time M.I.A has used her highly influential power and music videos as a platform to touch on real situations of conflict. Back in 2010 she released a nine-minute video for her song ‘Born Free’ which depicts genocide against an ethnic minority.

M.I.A has established herself into a very distinctive category of artists. To be deemed a success in the music industry today, not only does the single have to be downloaded more than it’s competitors but also break records for most views on YouTube and Vevo. Some may say female artists are portraying their sexuality in their videos in a way that exploits them as a cry for audiences. Here at Debut though we believe otherwise, women should be allowed to use music videos as a platform to embrace their sexuality and empower their female audiences to do the same.


Whatever the reason may be for this trend in music, M.I.A seems to be one of the few female artists that have rejected the pressure to perform in a sexually suggestive manner and we applaud her for that.

On April 11th M.I.A will release an official music video on HM.com. The video will be aimed to raise awareness for World Recycling Week and H&M’S scheme. We predict this campaign will be one like no other, it’s a mixture of an incredible artist and an equally great cause, we’re sure it’s going to be epic and definitely something to watch out for.


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