It’s Time To Celebrate Life!

Here at Debut we like to think of ourselves as positive bunch, really. As the meme says, when something goes wrong, drink coffee, put on some gangster rap and handle it. (We’d trade the coffee for a cocktail!) But honestly, we don’t know what it is about the first couple of months of the year that are probably the most depressing. Maybe it’s the fact that the warmth and joy of Christmas is out of the way and we’re left with cold and lonely bank accounts. Or maybe it’s the pressure of New Year’s Resolutions, New Year, new me, Dry January, dieting, and for some even Valentine’s Day.

Oh and let’s not mention the colds, flus, headaches, backaches, all aches, germs and everything else that’s going around on our cold, jam packed and smelly commutes. Plus the need and urgency to make sure this year is YOUR year and you have your whole life figured out in the first couple of months. We really could go on…

However as soon as March arrives, we automatically start seeing a change in our attitudes, our lifestyles, wardrobes and general well being. It’s like all of a sudden everything starts to make sense.

women In an ideal world, we’d like to be happy all year round, but unfortunately we are human and the pressure of pretending everything is fine and OK is not something we like to indulge in. Sometimes we’re unhappy simply because it’s cold and grey and that’s OK because we’re also great at celebrating the good days.

And what defines a good day? Winning the lottery. Or Anything from a clear blue sky to a good hair day, a small achievement, an hour long phone call from a friend, reaching a target, a thank you from a stranger or good sex. Anything that makes you smile is worth celebrating. As cliché as it sounds there are thousands of people in worse conditions dealing with poverty, illness, incapacity and so much more, so if you’re fortunate enough to be alive and well it’s enough to start celebrating life.

Regardless of how small or insignificant the reason, grab the girls/boys/partner/sister and go out and make a toast, why? Because you don’t need an excuse for a cocktail!

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