Kim Kardashian West: Empowerment Or Embarrassment?

kim-kardashian-sexy-pinkKim Kardashian West. The name alone sparks strong opinions, heated debates and many questions about us, and society as a whole. However regardless of opinion division, everyone reading this knows exactly who she is. What image comes to mind when you hear her name? Well, that really does depend.

As we’re sure you’ve heard, back in 2003 Kim made a sex tape with R&B singer Ray J. In 2007 the tape was “leaked” by Vivid Entertainment, who Kardashian filed a lawsuit against and settled for 5 million US dollars. By 2010 the Kardashian family had reportedly made an astonishing 65 million dollars from the tape. Fast-forward to 2016 and the 35 year old is now a mother of two, married to one of the most respected rappers of our time, and has an estimated networth of 85 million dollars. Not bad huh?

It’s safe to say the reality star has enough money to easily stay away from the cameras and aim for a more private life. However, images of Kim’s body in the nude haven’t stopped making headlines since her infamous tape. The only difference is, this time around they haven’t been leaked; they’re self published and come in the form of selfies for Twitter and Instagram.

Kim posts a selfie and social media goes crazy with millions of retweets worldwide and thousands of imitations from fans. However it also doesn’t go unnoticed by those that have had enough of seeing her naked and criticise her for it. The latest Kim stunt saw her receive a backlash of criticism from celebs and women about self-respect, dignity, self and worth. Some said: “She’s a mother and should know better.” While others others said she’s an embarrassment, and some simply said they’ve had enough of seeing her boobs and ass everywhere.

Love her or loathe her Kim has turned herself into a huge success and as for embarrassment or empowerment… What do you think?

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