D E B U T x BLOGGERS: The Bloggers Hangout

It’s needless to say the world of bloggers has been rapidly expanding  since the early 90s, the first ever blog was called Links.net – a journal by Justin Hall that he used to share his musings and, well, his favourite links, with the world. It was just a simple page with manually updated HTML  but it was the one page that would change the way we expressed, viewed and consumed products and ideas. Essentially it was the blog that made the way for an unpredicted online presence.

By 1997, as more and more users began using personal websites as a place to spotlight their ideas, the term “weblog” was coined – and then shortened to “blog” in 1999.

Fast forward on 20 years and bloggers are now millionaires from their online journals, there are millions of blogs worldwide ranging from fashion to  fishing and  it’s now the IT thing to do. Blogging has become a career, with many young people aspiring to be bloggers. And who wouldn’t? huge companies have understood the importance and influence of blogging and now people are gifted with free clothes, holidays, shoes and even food as long as they blog about it.

CeOlxr_XIAA2Zyw It has indeed, never  been a more exciting time to be a blogger and the wonderful thing about it all, is that more and more bloggers support each other and create networks to expand and connect with one another such as The Bloggers Hang Out, an initiative set up to see all bloggers unite under one roof and share ideas and experiences.

We went down to their latest event and met bloggers ranging from the inexperienced to those established with  100k plus following. Here’s our take on it..

Stepping inside of the edgy Hoxton studio where this year’s Bloggers Fashion Week was held, we were instantly greeted by a noticeably soft scent of lavender which set the warm and welcoming mood,  we later learned it was a Kenneth Turner candle burning at the entrance of the brick-layered studio that automatically relaxed us and got us in the mood for some good old networking..

The location was separated into two sections, we entered the first studio where we had the opportunity to see and speak to the brand’s ambassadors and many of the creators. Midst exploring and learning about the brands we were told to head outside for an exciting  fashion show where Da Silva London, Dolly’s, Sarvin and Xsazia all showcased their SS16 looks.

Heading back inside with the bloggers, all extremely well dressed may we add, we continued to network and be inspired by the stories behind how all of these brands started out.

The second studio was filled with companies demonstrating their brands; this gave us the opportunity to sit down with other guests while getting hand massages with Jurlique products and our hair braided at the braid bar. With our hands full from all the amazing samples we were given to try out, conveniently there was a small sitting area where we had the opportunity to sit and chat to bloggers, stylists and writers alike.

We made many connections and the best thing about it all was to see the wave of new eager bloggers sharing their interests and the start of their blogging journeys, needless to say, the evolution of bloggers will continue for many more decades..

If you’ve just joined the blogging or world or have been blogging for a while and want to have your blog featured in our next issue, head over to our Instagram and tell us about it!


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