Move Over Celebrities; The Influencers Have Arrived!

largeThe social media driven age we live in, means that platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, are giving birth to a new wave of celebrities like nothing we’ve never seen before; made up of what we call ‘Society’s Big Influencers.’

You only have to look at the flurry of young teens and twenty-somethings’, who are earning a living from their daily vlogs, or using their fashion blogs to land FROW seats at Fashion Week’s across the world, or the brand new crop of young, lithe models being scouted not on the streets of their home city, but rather from the pages of their Instagram profile – to see exactly what we mean.

For those of you working in the creative and media industries, there’s never been more of an important time to exploit the power of social media and also solidify not just your company’s brand story, but that of your OWN brand story. And no one knows how to do this better than OUR generation.

While the eighties saw fashion houses and publications use supermodels such as Naomi and Kate to sell their brand, the nineties looked towards actresses and musicians like Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears for big sales and advertising. However the noughties has seen a real and surprising turnaround – celebrities are no longer the in thing, and it’s time for real women; the girl next door with a passion, the entrepreneur with a interesting idea, and the creative student with a dream to start getting their shine.

For example, remember when super blogger Tanya Burr graced the cover of British Glamour and nearly broke the Internet? And of course there’s wonder-woman Chiara Ferragni, better known as The Blond Salad; the Italian fashion blogger who is taking over the world after working as a model for Guess and collaborating with big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. Oh and did we mention she is also a full time law student?!

We love this new shift because it’s finally giving the spotlight to a group of women, who although may not be famous for more traditional acting or singing talents, are completely taking over in refreshing way. And, quite frankly, we LOVE it.



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