Spring Clean Your Routine

Before you start reading this article, ask yourself this:

What was your day like yesterday? Did you have a super long day at work? Were you up all night revising? Maybe you finished your shift at one job, and have gone to start another?

When was the last time you had a hearty breakfast? A substantial lunch? Or a well cooked dinner?

How was your sleep last night? In fact did you get any at all?

Can you see what we’re getting at here?

We love encouraging, motivating and inspiring young, career focused ambitious women. And we know more than most how much time, energy, passion, sweat and tears you put into hitting your targets and achieving your goals. However in our quest to do this, are we at the risk of burning ourselves out physically, emotionally and mentally?

Spring Clean Your Routine

So lets start with the basics – what are eating? They say you should have a breakfast like a king and dinner for a pauper – but some of us are lucky if we even have time to eat one solid meal a day! It’s really important that that instead of getting too reliant on ready made meals and on the go food, you treat your body to healthy fruit, vegetables and lots of water. After all how are you going to make sure you’re make that important interview on time if you have no energy!

And most importantly what about ‘me time’? Can you list at least one thing that you do purely for yourself as a form of enjoyment, or something you just need to tick off your to-do-list? Whether it’s watching that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch forever, visiting the dentist, or just running a list of errands, put aside at least one hour a week to do this. The difference will shock you!

And exercise (yes we heard a few dreaded moans there) exercise has been shown to not only keep you fit and healthy, but also put your mental state at ease and release endorphins in your body that are associated with making you feel happy. You don’t have to be a complete gym bunny to get your fix – try to incorporate some in your already busy routine. Get off a stop early and walk the rest of your destination, for a walk on your lunch break or even just do some light stretching when you wake up each morning.

So, while it is important to stay focused and driven, it is equally important to give yourself regular breaks. Treat your body and mind like a temple and we guarantee it will make those dreams much more attainable…


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