Dating Makes Perfect

The way we date has become one of the biggest phenomenons of the 21st century. While some of us favour online dating, others prefer the easy functionality of apps such as Tinder, POF, Happen and whatever else we can get ur hands on .

But before the world went cyber crazy, old fashion ways, like speed dating were the most popular and frequented place for singles to meet, in what many saw as an easy and safe way.

Although the accessibility of the internet and mobile apps has meant these methods have far superseded speed-dating events in terms of popularity, something has to be said for what can be taken away from it and how it can be applied to our lives in other ways – for example, when searching for a job.

Let’s think about the very nature of date. A couple of singles congregate in a bar or café and spend only around 30 minutes with each other, before deciding if they’d like to go on to date two. Sounds familiar, right?

And what’s more interesting is how someone can make a good/bad impression in a matter of minutes.




You may find the person sitting opposite you extremely attractive, but it only takes a few seconds to mumble your words, potentially say the wrong thing and hey presto the object of your desire has crossed you off their list!

Similarly, the first few minutes of a job interview also works in the same way. Before you’ve even sat down, you would have said: ‘Hello’ and shook the hand of your interviewer. In that time they’ve made an impression based on your personal appearance, tone of voice and body language.

And just like on a date when you’re asked what you do and where you’re from an interviewer may begin by asking you to talk them through your CV and your knowledge of the company.

With speed dating you’re incredibly aware of the limited time you have with someone, so learning to strengthen your confidence skills and how to sell yourself, will come in handy when trying to impress an employer who may have to interview several candidates that day.

Let’s not forget how our body language also gives us away; playing with your hair may be flirty, but in an interview can come across as nervous. No direct eye contact suggests lack of interest and talking over someone – be it your date or potential employer – shows an inability to listen.

So remember, just like your date is trying to figure out whether they want to see you again, ultimately the interviewer is trying to find out why they should hire you. All the questions they ask, no matter how they dress them up, will point to this answer.

Whether speed dating works for you or not, take note of how you behave in those situations and take all the good points with you to your interview – as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Will you make it to the second stage?

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